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Six Most Important Lifts of Your Life

Or, what is going to happen at your first or next meet.

Soon, you will be facing the 6 most important lifts of your life.  These could be the last lifts you ever do or they could be the first of many competition and training lifts or they could mark a new stage in your lifting career.  No matter, the 6 lifts you do in the upcoming meet will be the 6 most important lifts of your life.
You need to have a good approach to these lifts.  No “…try…” or “…maybe…” or other shrugging it off.  You need to be confident in your training up to now, confident in your fitness up to now, confident in “tight, close, finish, feet flat”, and in your ability to hit lifts.  You are taking a trip to Parts Unknown.  Lift weights you may have never even lifted before.  Lift weights overhead that you couldn’t roll across the floor a few months ago.  The goal of a meet is to put more weight up overhead than you have ever done before and, because you may not get another chance at these 6 lifts, you put everything into them.  Spend time convincing yourself that you can do these lifts.
That doesn’t mean to run out there on to the platform like a maniac and do something crazy or whatever just because.  That means you go out there ready to give the weight a good ride.  Physically and mentally you are ready. Your coach and staff can only do so much.  They can only guide you to the edge of the platform, wish you good luck, and then the show is all yours.  You will feel victory and failure.  Perhaps even in the same lift.  Physically, your openers and your goal weights for the meet are all achievable or Coach would not have given them to you.
Channel Chemerkin who called for more weight loaded on to a barbell in a weightlifting competition than has ever been requested before or since.  Then go for it.  He was not thinking failure or “let me give it a try” as he chalked up.  He approached the bar and went for it with all he had.  Every lifter facing the 6 most important lifts of his or her life has to have the same approach; no compromise.
In case you forgot or didn’t know:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fuiBO9FnFjY  Running up to the stage!
Rest physically and prepare mentally for these, the 6 most important lifts of your life.  Good luck to you!

About the author: USAW National Coach President and Head Coach Cincinnati Weightlifting Club Numerous Master Weightlifting national and state records Silver Medal World Championships, Masters 2013 National Championships Meet Director 2013 National Championships, Bronze Medal, 56 kilo 2012 Ohio Club Champion 85 kg 2011 Team Champion Ohio Weightlifting Championships 2011 Best Overall Male Lifter, Ohio Championships 2010 American Open Championships Meet Director 2010 Asian Games Gold Medalist 2010 Best Female Lifter, East Tennessee State University Open 2009 Ohio Club State Champion 69 kg 2008 Ohio Club Champions 2008 Ohio Club State Champion 77 kg 2007 Ohio Club Co- Champions 2007 World Weightlifting Championships 7th place 2008 National Junior Champion 75+ kg now a 2012 Olympian

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